Augustana University 2021 Outcomes Report: 99% of Recent Graduates Employed in Major or Chosen Field

By Jill Wilson | February 14, 2022
2021 Outcomes Report

A newly published report by Augustana University shows that 99% of 2021 graduates — who completed degrees in August, December and May of Academic Year 2020-21 — found employment in their major or chosen field. Many of these graduates chose to continue their education with 26% enrolled in graduate school or professional programs.

"The results reflect the valuable resources provided by our dedicated faculty, supportive alumni and career specialists," said Augustana Provost & Executive Vice President Dr. Colin Irvine. "The positive outcomes also are a testament to the enduring value of the liberal arts. Employers appreciate graduates' ability to think critically, communicate effectively and solve complex problems.”

Despite the ongoing pandemic, Augustana’s Student Success Center helped these students and others by providing personal support — offering drop-in Zoom hours and hosting unique events alongside community organizations and business partners.

“Career specialists are here to help graduates secure meaningful opportunities wherever their next adventures take them. Graduates launch their careers confidently because of the transformative education they had on campus and in the broader Sioux Falls community,” Augustana Assistant Vice Provost for Student Success and Engagement Billie Streufert said.

Using guidelines set by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), Augustana obtained information on 83 percent of recent graduates — exceeding the minimum NACE knowledge rate by 18 percent. 

Augustana Class of 2021 Key Statistics

  • Ninety-six percent of responding graduates achieved a positive career outcome (e.g., continuing their education, working, serving in the military or volunteering).
  • Among the respondents, 26% enrolled in graduate school or professional programs.
  • Upon graduation, Class of 2021 alumni reported working in 20 states and around the globe — in countries such as China and Vietnam.
  • South Dakota retained 72% of Augustana's full-time graduates — 60% working in the Sioux Falls region.
  • Top occupational classifications for 2021 graduates included occupations related to health care and technical, education, business and financial, management and sales, the life, physical and sports sciences, as well as architecture, engineering and computers. 
  • Members of the Class of 2021 were hired by 128 unique organizations. The top employers included Sanford and Avera Health, the Sioux Falls and Harrisburg School Districts, Mayo Clinic and First PREMIER Bank.
  • The mean salary for undergraduate students who were working full time in the Class of 2021 was $47,089, with a median salary of $45,000.

The Augustana Experience

In addition to employment and graduate school placement details, the Outcomes Report also captures key data points that illustrate how satisfied members of the Class of 2021 were with their Augustana experience.

  • Ninety-four percent of graduates reported that they were satisfied overall with their experience at Augustana.
  • Ninety-two percent of graduates agreed that faculty at Augustana cared about them as a person.
  • Ninety-six percent of graduates reported that they had at least one professor who made them excited about learning.
  • Ninety-six percent of graduates who responded reported that they participated in experiential learning.

More employment data, as well as other post-graduation activities and destinations for members of the Augustana Class of 2021 is detailed in the Career Outcomes Report, published by the Student Success Center at

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